Our Story


The seeds of BK Strategic Group were sown in 2010. In 2017, the company was relaunched under a new name redefining its focus and scope. Over the years, we have evolved as a company and continue to add relevant product offerings to our portfolio and earned a prestigious spot in the industries we play in.


We’re a small but skilled company, made up of individuals who strive to be the best in their areas of focus. We view our size as a strategic advantage, and our clients agree.

When we work on a client’s project, we’re working together, each with their own area of expertise influencing our approach, design, delivery, training and after-sales support.

These collaborative approach results in product or services which are cutting edge delights and satisfy our clients. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that our clients are 100% satisfied and we will go to any length to ensure this milestone is attained for every project.

We partner with our clients throughout the lifecycle of their projects to ensure no detail is missed. If you’re tired of guessing and wasting money on jaded results, then try BK strategic group on your next project.

What we do?

We are the go-to development resource for leading innovators and companies who are serious about success.
BK Strategic Group build powerful software solutions (Desktop and Mobile) to fit our clients vision and strategies; product channel distribution partners for major manufacturers; corporate training and consultancy services; and IT project management. We employ successful business models, agile methodology, and deep expertise delivering business value to clients cost-effectively and at great speed.

Why are we the best?

We are a close-knit of experienced business leaders and highly trained software developers. We are founded on effective, Agile business model, we help create the impact clients want to achieve with their customers, partners, and employees.