Software Development

BKSoft Solution team use proven and Agile methods to design, build and deploy robust enterprise solutions in the shortest time. An integral part of this approach is our meticulous focus on functionality and the overall user experience which is vital for solution adoption and successful roll-out. Our highly-qualified software developers have a close cultural alignment with clients and are in the same time zones engaging clients throughout the various phases of the project.

Enterprise Application Software

Businesses have different software needs and different workflows. The key is finding a Software Development Partner that can adapt to your business and deliver unique software solutions that satisfy users, save you time, and drive revenue. We align our software development resources with our client’s business needs to deliver the right solutions that create value for their business.

As your go-to development partner, we offer a unique and successful combination of Scrum Agile methodology, deep expertise, and advanced resource management.

Industry and Technology Expertise

We work with enterprise clients across various industries, and our team has deep technology expertise and experience. Our software engineers and program managers know how to take advantage of the cloud, mobile applications, big data, social media, and a wide spectrum of development tools to build the software our clients need.

Health Care

BKSoft Hospital Management System (BKSoft HMS) BKSoft Hospital Management System (HMS) is a  comprehensive hospital information management solution with installed options like scheduling, patient demographics, patient ledger, billing/collections, multimedia records, and powerful reporting. BKSoft HMS is scalable from a single-user location to a multi-provider/multi-location.

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BKSoft Inventory Management System (BKSoft IMS) BKSoft IMS is a Desktop or web-based inventory management system. Easy to use interface, affordable, and adaptable to the needs of your business. You can access BKSoft IMS from a web browser from anywhere, so employees in different locations all have a consistent view of business records.

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BKSoft School Management System (BKSoft SMS) BKSoft School Management System (BKSoft SMS) is a proprietary software product of BK Strategic Group. BKSoft SMS is built to power your school’s daily operations. Schools need a modern, easy-to-use solution to improve daily operations, improve administrative productivity, and identify problem areas.

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BKSoft Retail Management System (BKSoft RMS) Cloud or on-premise system built for multi-store locations and for all types of retailers including apparel, footwear, and sporting goods. Fully supported 24x7x365. Our system easily adapts to the customer as they grow.

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BK Strategic Group also develops on-demand custom software solutions for the following industries;


Real Estate

Mobile Application Development

In a consumer landscape where more and more customers turn to Mobile Devices for shopping, information, education etc., every business should consider their mobile application options. Users want to be connected all the time, and businesses can achieve a competitive advantage with smart applications. BK Strategic Group is focused on finding the most-effective mobile solution that exceeds your business requirements and stays under budget.

User Experience

Mobile users are becoming more experienced, and mobile usage is growing quickly. Now, the spotlight is on how to improve the mobile user experience to improve customer satisfaction and the bottom line. Our experienced mobile developers at BK Strategic Group will help to conceptualize, design, and deploy mobile applications following user-centred best practices. Our UX and UI experts will create a consistent experience and improved engagement, from start to finish.

Development Platform

Our high-skilled, professional mobile application developers are experts in a wide range of native applications as well as the cross-platform mobile application- Xamarin. We help clients find a solution that best fits their requirements and develop the best mobile applications for their company.

We have experience in building mobile applications on platforms like:


Android Windows Xamarin IOS

Why BK For Your Software Development Project?


Dedicated teams of talented and experienced engineers combined with our Agile Methodologies increases sprint velocity.

Comprehensive Training

We provide preliminary onsite training and extensive remote training to make sure your entire team are proficient with the new system.

Onsite Installation

Experienced and certified installation professionals will ensure you are up and running in no time.


BK Software solutions are tailor-made, affordable with minimal disruption to customers’ existing processes. Our Custom software solutions are focused on solving customer’s problems ensuring maximum benefit from their investment.

Unparalleled Support

In-house customer service and technical support are available 24/7; remote support allows the BK support team to access your system to repair any software issues immediately.